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Welcome to The Peripatetic Think Tank!

Welcome to The Peripatetic Think Tank!

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ristotle had such a school. He felt he did his best thinking wandering around, and letting his muses visit him with his deepest thoughts. He taught his students to do the same. Thus came into being The School of Peripatetic Philosophy.


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In 350 BC, Aristotle defined human beings as “the rational animal” or more precisely, “the animal that has language.”  Language, above all, is what distinguishes us from the other creatures on the planet.  The development of language freed man from a world of physical objects and substituted a universe of symbols ultimately displayed in alphabets, words, mathematical and chemical symbols.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Standing in front of the Parthenon 1957Lower animals communicate with each other in primitive ways, and may even be taught the meaning of a few human symbols – a dog can be taught the meaning of “sit” and “come,” for example.  But for at least forty thousand years only humans were “the rational animal” with language.  Now, for the first time, that is no longer true.  We share our world with computers.

 It used to be the case that we imagined computers-robots would take over the menial work in our lives, that computer-robots would put on aprons and run around the house and be our robot maids, doing housework leaving us free to enjoy our leisure.

 We now know that that is not the case.  In fact, the reverse is happening at such a pace that it has become alarming.  Instead, the humans computers are replacing members of the educated classes from language translators to medical technicians, from engineers to chemists, from legal clerks to accountants, from teachers to administrators, from corporate planners to executives.

 We have plenty of spare unintelligent human activities with people to perform menial jobs, working long hours for poor pay, but it is the ranks of the professionals that computers-robots have decimated career tracks.

 Enterprising software developers are constantly creating algorithms that can program complex data language into simple equations that one technician can master and control where it once took hundreds.  Soon all the information in the world, every scrap of knowledge that humans possess will be available digitally with little thought of the user.

 Every road in the world will be mapped, every building will be photographed in three dimensions, every ailment with its prognosis and treatment.  Everywhere we go, whatever we buy, whatever website we view, we will leave a digital trail as clear as slug slime. term paper  This data can be read, searched, analyze, categorized, summarized, and its significance charted by computers, and the value extracted from it in ways we cannot even begin to conceive at this point in our history. We are in the dawn of a new age.

 If for no other reason, it is paramount that we make connection with ourselves as persons in all that that might entail irrespective of the accelerating demands of this computer age.  This, then, is the essence of the PERIPATETIC THINK TANK.

Some of the most confounding questions of the day were resolved with this simple device. At first blush, you might think it was haphazard and not systematic, but it turned out to be precisely that, as Aristotle believed the mind was programmed to work in consort with nature, and not against it.

 For the past forty years, Dr. James R. Fisher, Jr., has been practicing Aristotle’s approach to intuitive wisdom, and now he is prepared to share it with you.

 The design is simple. Essays, now which are approaching 1,000, are captured on the PERIPATETIC PHILOSOPHER’S blog designed to provide those interested in looking at normal situations a bit differently.  In other words, Dr. Fisher is inviting the reader to wander beyond his or her cultural moorings and personal biases to look at life in a new light.  These practical essays are based on several theoretical models that Dr. Fisher has developed in his diversified career. Among them are:


The Fisher Model of Conflict Resolution

 The Fisher Paradigm including Personality, Geographic and Demographic Profiles.

 The Feminine Paradigm

 The Six Silent Killers of Organizational Life.

 The Three Dominant Cultures of the Workplace.

 The Fisher Psychological Guide to Stress Management.

 The Fisher Guide to Psychological Time Management.

 The Peripatetic Philosophy in “fragments of a philosophy.”

 COLD SHOWER – a series of essays in which Dr. Fisher answers readers’ questions.

 A WAY OF LOOKING AT THINGS – a series of unconventional essays that reflect Dr. Fisher’s take on life family, school, work, government, religion, ethnicity, gender, race, and politics from the vantage point of a chemist turned engineer turned psychologist turned philosopher.

 The cost of admission to this PERIPATECTIC THINK TANK is an active mind and passionate curiosity.  Moreover, the aim of this think tank is to energize men and women to take charge of their lives by taking charge of their careers.

 Dr. James R. Fisher, Jr. is a storyteller, and he tells this story through these books:

 CONFIDENT SELLING – looking at challenges and challengers as partners in enterprise.
 WORK WITHOUT MANAGERS: A View from the Trenches – looking at work as partners not people on a pyramid.

CONFIDENT SELLING FOR THE 90s – looking at the business of business in a new way.

 PURPOSEFUL SELLING for the 21st Century – showing it all starts with creative confidence.

THE WORKER, ALONE! Going Against the Grain – professional workers must rescue themselves from

THE TABOO AGAINST BEING YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND – the last person we trust is ourselves when it should be the first 

MEET YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND – going from the psychopathology of self-hatred to genuine self-regard, or going from pleasing others at your own expense to pleasing self to the benefit of everyone.

SIX SILENT KILLERS: Management’s Greatest Challenge – how to avoid the social termites that destroy the infrastructure of an organization too late for damage control

CORPORATE SIN: Leaderless Leadership & Dissonant Workers – only by getting managers and professionals on the same page and off on the same dime is there any chance for an organization to survive.

IN THE SHADOW OF THE COURTHOUSE: A Memoir of 1940s Written as a Novel – it is a snapshot of Dr. Fisher growing up in Clinton, Iowa during WWII.

 A LOOK BACK TO SEE AHEAD: Our Chronic Culture Viewed from the 1970s – forty years ago we stayed the same, missed the changes, wouldn’t face them, and left the future up for grabs, and today???

TIME OUT FOR SANITY: Blueprint for Dealing with an Anxious Age – this could be the pause that refreshes

A GREEN ISLAND IN A BLACK SEA: A Novel of South Africa during Apartheid – the compelling clash between colonialism and the beautiful peoples of South Africa as experienced by a young American executive and his family

CONFIDENT THINKING: A Silver Bullet for an Unconscious Age – a practical guide to thinking in the new century

 MISSION OF THE PERIPATETIC THINK TANK: To better prepare professional workers to cope with the dichotomous nature and conflicting messages that emanate from management, their peers, and society in a time of drastic cultural, economic, and psychological change.






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